The residential and commercial interior design process begins with a initial consultation where we view the spaces, discuss your projects goals, needs, budget, timeline, processes, any required permits, and overall feel of the space. This meeting is not intended to be a brainstorming session unless you previously discussed having this meeting as a fee structured design consultation.


Our services also include:

  • Renovations and Build-outs

  • Interior Design 

  • Styling/Room Refresh

  • Conceptual Design and Analysis 

  • Space Planning

  • Color consultation

  • Color, Material, and Finish Selection

  • Drawings and Specifications (not for permit)

  • Project Management and Administration

  • Styling and organizing 


1. Programming  

This phase will determine needs, desires, and budget for the project and I verify site conditions with measurements, plans, and photographs.  I’ll ask you a number of relevant questions, inventory your existing furniture, photograph your space, and discuss your project budget and timeline. 


2. Schematic Design

Schematic Design is the first two-dimensional exploration of the space. A floor plan may simply be a bubble diagram at this point. It's not clearly defined because I am exploring ideas. At this point, this phase becomes the conceptual design of space, which includes general color schemes, samples, pictures, and drawings to suggest design ideas. If needed, we will meet with an architect, and any other consultants involved, before beginning the next phase.


3. Design Development
This stage is the beginning of developing the specific design with actual selections. Fine-tuning of the approved schematic design will then become drawings.  Floor plans, elevations, and details as appropriate for the scope are provided. Shopping and showroom visits are done in this phase if necessary. Lighting design and selection of all furnishings, fixtures, and finishes are completed. Budgets are approved.

4. Construction Documentation
This phase is about the preparation of drawings, specifications, and other documents to have the project constructed. Proposals for furniture, window treatments, custom pieces, or any other type of furnishings will be completed.


5. Construction & Installation 
This is the stage where things are built and installed. The styling of the spaces happens and that’s when it all comes alive!

Before we conclude our time together, I do a final walk-through with you and prepare a list of any remaining small items needing attention. We also discuss the care and maintenance.


6. When you’re ready, we’ll discuss the next project!


Sometimes all our clients need is a jump start to get their creative process started, solve a design conundrum or create a design plan to execute on their own.  To meet that need we have 2-hour consultation services available as our project calendar allows.  Our consultations are fast paced brainstorm sessions focused on what your space needs - a floor plan, paint selection, real-time sourcing on line, etc.  We’ll wrap up our meeting by creating a digital summary of our suggestions and sources for you to work off of. There is a 2 hour minimum for this service.